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This is why I’m not allowed out in public.

Our refrigerator up and stopped working the other day.  I came home, settled in on the couch, Buddy curled up on me and I heard a “click.” Hmm?  What’s that, Buddy?  Did you hear it?  Buddy was mute. I moved on, … Continue reading

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Why I bought my mother extension cords for Mother’s Day.

Every year my sister and I struggle to come up with something to give our mother for Mother’s Day.  She’s retired and, like most older people, is trying to get rid of stuff rather than accumulate it, so we can’t … Continue reading

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It’s pretty interesting.

I was sitting with Buddy last night (okay, we were both asleep on the couch) and as I petted him, I thought to myself ‘man, his fur is soft!’.  And that’s interesting. In case I haven’t talked much about his … Continue reading

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I’m done, I’m done! Yay me!

I have to brag on myself.  Bear with me. I’ve been working towards my M.L.I.S., a master’s degree in library science for a couple years now.  About 2 weeks ago, I submitted the last two portions of my e-Portfolio, which is … Continue reading

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On getting old.

My mother and I went shopping today.  As I’ve said before, she lives with me in part because she’s older and needs some help with day to day things.  Nothing major (yet), but some basic things. We went to a … Continue reading

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I just don’t understand my boys.

I have to fess up that I just don’t understand these cats.  It’s weird that I don’t.  I mean, I’ve had cats in my house pretty much constantly for the last 33 years.  During that time I should’ve learned something … Continue reading

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To Write Love on Her Arms

I’m really not sure how to broach this subject.  It’s not an easy one, it’s not fun.  It’s not pleasant. It is, however, quite real.  And it is, however, literally life and death. Depression.  Depression is beyond sadness, it’s not what … Continue reading

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Sometimes life is unfair. Other times, it’s just cruel

So sometime in my past I went out a few times with a really cool lady.  We got on reasonably well but, for some reason (read: my hangups) we weren’t able to make a go of it.  That despite having … Continue reading

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For starters . . .

Welcome to FlatpickingJD’s blog!  I intend to write about many different things, including books, career, politics, religion, music, sports . . . pretty much anything I can think of.  I may rant and I may merely make short comments about … Continue reading

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