Just your average, liberal vegetarian redneck.

Yes, I’m a liberal. Proudly so. I see nothing wrong with that and wear that label with pride.

Yes, I’m a vegetarian. I used to be fat, very fat. Then I started taking care of myself, lost a bunch of weight and found it easier to keep that weight off by not eating meat. Or cheese. Or eggs. Or any good stuff. Man, I miss pizza.

Yes, I’m a redneck. I like camping and fishing and do listen to bluegrass music. Though I don’t eat fish, I do catch and release (unless I’m camping with others and then they’ll eat the fish).  I don’t fish much anymore, however.

So, yup, I’m just your average, liberal vegetarian redneck.

Serious details about me: I make my living as a lawyer. My practice focus is business law, but I’ve dabbled in other areas including personal injury, family law, real estate, and water law. I also hold three Master’s degrees and plan to get a doctorate after that. I enjoy bluegrass music, but my preferred musical genres are jazz, blues, and classical.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and feel free to comment!


1 Response to About

  1. Marcia Hanaburgh says:

    I wandered in here via a Google search for “orange tuxedo cat”. Oddly “Mitch” (the above named) has one other stray who allows him to eat at my door. That cat also started out as Spook.

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