Perry – Nevada SPCA Rescue

On my travels on the worldwide highway, I came across a sweet looking, scared dog that really needs a forever home.  His name is Perry.  He’s at the Nevada SPCA Animal Rescue.  Please take a look at this guy’s face.  I’m sure you’ll want to help.

Here are the Nevada SPCA vitals:

Nevada SPCA
4800 W. Dewey Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89118


Everyone says ‘if I lived there, I’d adopt him in a minute.’  I know that’s true for me too.  And I know lots of adoptable animals are in shelters across this country (and around the world, too).  And I know you can take a short trip to your local shelter and find an animal equally deserving of love and a forever home.  But sometimes we forget . .  so if you’re looking for another family member, go to your local shelter or Humane Society.

BUT: if you live in Las Vegas, and have room please take a look at the little guy.  If you don’t live there, but know folks who do – and have room and love to spare – please let them know about him.

Help find this little dude a home.


ETA: Perry was adopted the same day I posted this!  Thank you to whoever adopted him and may you have many years of happiness together!


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