Yes, I’m on politics again. But please read it anyway.

As a political junkie, it’s amazing to me that I’ve actually burned out on the whole process this year.  It’s sickening and disgusting.  Seriously, it’s become too much of too many and too personal rather than anything substantive.  Enough already.

Let me also say this to Republicans: it’s the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party.  It’s really small to drop that part of the name, it’s not clever, it doesn’t really do much other than to show your demonstrable disdain for everything your loyal opposition does (much like Mitch McConnell’s avowed goal to prevent Obama from getting a second term).

Okay, now that that’s out of my system.

Bernie Sanders cannot win the general election.  I know what current polls say but I say bunk.  I’ll give 2 reasons why he won’t win.  The first is his age.

He’s the oldest person running for President this go around, but not anywhere near the oldest ever to run.  That doesn’t matter though, nor does it really matter that he’s only a few years older than Trump and Clinton.  The fact is he’s 74 and trying for what is, apparently, one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

Take a look at Barack Obama at his first inauguration:

Note the handsome mostly unlined, clean face, and the dark hair.

Now look at pictures of him today:

President Barack Obama speaks with King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the phone from the Oval Office in the White House on August 8, 2014 in Washington DC. Obama had previously stated his concerns for the safety of Iraqi refugees on Mount Sinjar near Mosul and had approved 'targeted strikes' against ISIS convoys approaching the city of Erbil. The Saudi King had recently pledged to help displaced Iraqis and to take action against potential terrorists.

See the lines, the marks on his face, the grey hair.

That’s what the job does to you.  Obama is still a young man, and he now looks like he’s an old man.  What will happen if Bernie Sanders becomes President?  Here’s a computer-enhanced image of what he might look like after 4 years as President:

old man portrait: Very nice emotional portrait of a elderly man

See what the job will do to him?

Seriously, the job is really strenuous and, though he’s apparently in good health, it will affect Sanders.  No two ways about it.

But the more pertinent reason he won’t be elected is his background.  I was watching the post-debate wrap-up of the most recent Democratic Presidential debate the other day. One question of the talking heads was in response to something Bernie Sanders said, specifically about his family and background.  He talked about being the child of immigrants and then talked a bit about his Jewish religious background.

One commentator said that he had a moment, and she wished he’d done that more in the campaign.  It humanized him, she said; he was talking about something people can relate to and not the high ideas and ideals he has, and he hasn’t personalized himself enough.

You know why he hasn’t referred to his religious background much?  Because he knows it will kill him in a general election.

Oh, you think we’ve come farther than that?  You think anti-semitism has gone the way of the dodo?

Think again.

Here’s what will happen before we ever see a Jew in the White House.  We will see the following elected President:

  • A white woman;
  • A Latino man;
  • An Asian man;
  • An openly homosexual person (likely female, as lesbians are less threatening to people than gay men);
  • A Muslim (probably a Muslim woman will be elected before a Muslim male because they’re less threatening);
  • A second African-American male;
  • An Latino female;
  • An Asian female;
  • Another openly homosexual person (the gender that wasn’t the first elected).
  • An African-American female;
  • A second Muslim (the other gender that wasn’t the first elected).

before a Jew is even a Vice President.  I guarantee it.  With regard to Sanders, if push comes to shove, do you seriously think people will look at the two major party candidates and, if everything else is equal, that people will choose the Jew over a Christian?

No way.

How do I know this?  Long experience.  Here’s my personal experience with the issue, just one of many incidents over the course of a lifetime.

I was having lunch with a friend.  We’d become close friends, shared many meals, volunteered together, socialized away from the charity, all that.  He would “witness” to me, trying to get me to convert, usually soft-sell, but nonetheless trying to get me to become “complete.”

This last time, when he made the “invitation” to me, “will you now accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?” I declined, again.  He asked why.  He’d never done that before.

Mistake #1 for both of us: him asking.  Mistake #2 for both of us: me answering.  I hold a Master’s in Religion, specifically the Bible.  I know the arguments and how the Bible is twisted by apologists to mean things it really doesn’t say.  I proceeded to explain to him why I didn’t believe and wouldn’t convert and, by the way, I’m complete as I am.  He was shaking his head the whole time, telling me I’m wrong.

That was nice, but what came next was nicer.

When I finished explaining he responded.  He called me a “hard-hearted Christ killer.”

I kid you not.

This was in 2015.

If, in 2015, a good, God-fearing Christian man still thinks of Jews as hard-hearted and Christ killers and tells someone he broke bread with – someone he called “friend” – that’s what he thought of the ‘friend,’ what are the odds that the rest of America would be willing to vote for someone they don’t know who shares the Jewish faith?

Nope.  Bernie Sanders is not electable.


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