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I’m done, I’m done! Yay me!

I have to brag on myself.  Bear with me. I’ve been working towards my M.L.I.S., a master’s degree in library science for a couple years now.  About 2 weeks ago, I submitted the last two portions of my e-Portfolio, which is … Continue reading

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On getting old.

My mother and I went shopping today.  As I’ve said before, she lives with me in part because she’s older and needs some help with day to day things.  Nothing major (yet), but some basic things. We went to a … Continue reading

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I just don’t understand my boys.

I have to fess up that I just don’t understand these cats.  It’s weird that I don’t.  I mean, I’ve had cats in my house pretty much constantly for the last 33 years.  During that time I should’ve learned something … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m on politics again. But please read it anyway.

As a political junkie, it’s amazing to me that I’ve actually burned out on the whole process this year.  It’s sickening and disgusting.  Seriously, it’s become too much of too many and too personal rather than anything substantive.  Enough already. … Continue reading

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