This and that . . .

Just some not-so-random thoughts on a few things:

Cam Newton is an incredible quarterback.  He’s also pretty enthusiastic.  And that, for some reason, ticks people off.  I don’t really understand why he’s gotten so much heat over his celebrations.  We’ve seen plenty of people do things and they haven’t caught half of the crap that Newton has.

The reason is is simple.  It doesn’t take a brain surgeon.  We saw Brett Favre, newly minted Hall of Famer, act like a buffoon often while playing.  Phillip Rivers, another pretty darned good QB, gets riled up when things go well (or badly for that matter). He gets some flack too, but not nearly at the level Newton does.  I could go on.  But let’s look a bit at this: what do Favre, Rivers and the unnamed others have in common?  I mean, that Newton doesn’t?  Yup.  Skin color.  If Newton were white, we’d just be saying ‘he’s excited is all. That’s a good thing because he’s firing up his teammates.’  But because he’s an African-American he catches loads of crap.

ALL players, of ALL races will get excited.  Remember the ’85 Bears and their commercials, let alone their on-field act?  It got tiresome but fewer people bitched about that than they have about Newton.  Stop already.  He’s young, he’s enthusiastic, he’s good (which is probably the kicker of kickers).  Enough already.  Let it go.  Deal with it.  And stop whining about his ‘antics.’  They’re not antics, it’s a reaction to his accomplishments.


But his reactions after the Super Bowl?  Walking out on the post-game press conference? Bush league.  Champions stay and face the music.  Unhappily, but they do.  Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, untold others.  Step up, say ‘I blew it, I didn’t play as well as I needed to for our team to win’ and everything’s fine.  People admire that, taking responsibility for failure.  But walking out on a press conference?

Totally bush.


Do we really want someone as President who talks in italics?  After he “won” Iowa (with his little bit of cheating and all, you know, telling caucus-ers that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race when he, sadly, hadn’t), Cruz gave a speech.  The first thing he said was “Thank god for Iowa!”  Read that with the emphasis on the italics and that’s how it sounded.  He’s not the only one to do that, but he does it more.

I think he secretly wants to join his father in the pulpit and skip all this politics nonsense. But then he couldn’t take over the world . . .


And, speaking of political candidates, don’t we deserve better for our next President? Let’s take a look at a few of these stellar individuals:

We’ve got the ‘just smelled a fart guy’ who, despite his untold wealth, still hates women (and is crude to boot), and blames minorities for all the ills of the world.  And cannot let any slight go, no matter how small.  He seems to live in Twitterverse and apparently believes that if he says something, it’s true – even when all the facts, data, research, etc., clearly show he’s wrong.

There’s the carpetbagger failed CEO who, for some odd reason, thinks that failed business experience qualifies her for the highest, most important office in the land (or the world).

The little engine who could – or couldn’t, depending on who you ask.  The one who never strays from message.  In fact, to such an extent that he says the same thing over and over and over and over.  He’s been likened to a robot for that ability to stay on message, kind of like a wind-up toy.

The governor who rehearses his spontaneous reactions to hecklers, whose whole public image is based on not-so-diplomatic rudeness to those who don’t agree with him (and again rehearses those spontaneous reactions).  He also may have played a role in a scandal to punish his political enemies, though that’s an open question.

The somnambulating retired doctor who makes up his own life history who, time and again, says incredibly stupid things and, like Smells-A-Fart Guy thinks that when he says something it’s true, even when he’s demonstrably wrong.

Another governor who tries to portray himself as a reasonable conservative but whose policies are little different from the rest of the contingent.

I can’t forget the other senator, who talks in italics, who wants the Supreme Court to be an elected office, who drops more references to god into speeches than even the most fervent evangelical preacher, who filibustered a budget because his take was that no spending should happen (save for religious based organizations), even though it was a compromise budget that allowed the military to actually, you know, get paid.  He’s also so hated by his colleagues that he has a hard time getting legislation passed – even when they agree with the bill.  To top it off, he didn’t renounce his Canadian citizenship until he started looking into running for President, and he not be qualified for the office because he was born in Canada.

On the other side, we’ve got a 74 year old man who started his campaign just to get his ideas talked about and is now neck and neck with the other leading candidate.  He’s a died in the wool, traditional liberal who really doesn’t seem to understand that programs require money to run them.

And, finally, we’ve got someone who isn’t all that trustworthy and who is disliked by the majority of people – and that’s in her own party, let alone the others.  She’s a deeply divisive figure. who simply doesn’t know when to stop talking when answering questions in public.

Like I said, we deserve better.


Why do so many people, folks who should know better, equate Los Angeles with everything in the rest of Southern California?  Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Diego Counties are distinct from Los Angeles in almost every way imaginable: geologically, economically, politically, religiously, socially.  None of those places is the same as Los Angeles.  It’s not a single, continuous market for anything.  That’s like saying that Philadelphia and New York are the same markets. They’re not and no reasonable person would claim they are.

None of the counties and cities within them wants to be equated with Los Angeles.

None of them should be equated with the “Angelic city.”

Don’t believe the hype.


Thanks for reading.  Hope everyone’s year is off to a great start!




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