Candy! Circus Peanuts, Candy Corn and Atomic Fireballs

I loves me some candy.  I know, vegetarians aren’t supposed to like or eat candy (why?) but I do.  Like and eat the stuff.

Can’t help it.  I like it too much.  Which is why, whenever I try to lose weight, the first thing I do is cut candy out and I’m good for about 5 lbs or more.  The candy I like isn’t what most people grab when they get a craving or their sweet tooth (teeth?) act up.  I don’t eat chocolate like a normal person.  No, I go for the weird, almost orphan crap.

Circus Peanuts

Spangler Circus Peanuts

Yes circus peanuts.  That marshmallow confection that tastes nothing like marshmallows or peanuts.  That candy that, let’s be honest, pretty much has the texture of cardboard (the picture here is kind of ironic in that some I know swear you could use the things as packing peanuts).  They also have a very odd taste that has to be tasted to be appreciated.  It’s supposed to taste like bananas of all things.  It doesn’t, but there you are. Wouldn’t you think they’d try to make them taste like, you know, peanuts?

Though the texture is usually like cardboard, you can’t beat them when they’re fresh. I love getting fresh circus peanuts.  Fresh, the texture is kind of like Play Dough.  Seriously. But the taste is there.  Closer to banana but not quite making it.  I ate ’em when I was a kid and rediscovered them as an adult.  If you find them in a store (a dollar store I go to has them, and Walmart carries them too), do something you’re not supposed to: squeeze a couple of the peanuts.  If there’s no give, move on.  If there’s a some give, like you’re squishing the peanut: buy it.  It’s fresh and you’ll know why I like them.  Or not.  It is an acquired taste.

Candy Corn

Yeah, I know.  Lewis Black does a riff on this garbage.  “It’s corn that tastes like candy! Ech!  What IS this crap!  Every year it gets me!”  He’s right – it isn’t corn and it doesn’t taste that good.  That’s probably why I like it.

Actually it’s all mellowcremes I like – candy corn, pumpkins and . . whatever else.  Several years ago, Brach’s came out with other flavors for both Valentine’s Day (strawberry and cherry) and Easter (mint, chocolate among others).  The cherry was overly sweet, but the strawberry was pretty darned good, smooth . . . MELLOW.  And CREAMY.  At Halloween, they have Indian Corn which is chocolate (or, more precisely, brown) in place of the orange part.  They also have “designer flavors,” like Peanut Butter Cup, Caramel Macchiato, and some sort of chocolate fudge deal.  I didn’t get a crack at the peanut butter one, but the Caramel macchiato was good.

I don’t know why I like candy corn.  Brach’s has changed its formula over the years where there’s really no distinctive taste (just MHO).  But, like Lewis Black, I try them every year. And, yes, I get cravings for them too.  What is wrong with me??!!

Jelly Belly makes candy corn too.  I haven’t tried theirs, basically because they’re not sold in stores near where I live (and I stubbornly won’t order them).  Maybe next time the cravings hit, I will break down and try theirs . .  .

Or even make my own.

Atomic Fireballs

Atomic Fireballs - Bulk

Now these, well, I go nuts over these things.  They’re really nothing but cinnamon candy but VERY cinnamon.  They’re hot.  Very hot.  Hence the name.  I gave some to my mother and sister.  They tried them and the first thing you taste is a sweet cinnamon with a little bite, kind of like Hot Tamales (which I also like).  Then it hits.  Both my mother and sister smiled when they first started on one, my sister asking why they’re called “atomic.”  A bit premature.

When it hit my mother, her eyebrows shot up, her eyes opened wide and she made an “ooh!” sound.  My sister spit hers out.

Apparently she doesn’t like spicy candy.

But once you get past the initial heat (when you’ve gotten all the red off), it’s a sweet jawbreaker.  That’s part of this too – you can’t chew these things and make the heat go away.  You’re in for the duration.  I like them.  And an added benefit is that, because of the cinnamon, they function as a breath freshener.  Of course, that “freshening” is an overwhelming cinnamon smell (and lingering taste) but we have to look for benefits from candy.


Oh, I’ve got other guilty pleasures.  But these are my guiltiest.  Do any of you have weird candy favorites and you swear you’re the only one who eats it?  Let me know!






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