Carly the Carpet Bagger

Carly Fiorina is running for President.

Stop the presses!  Major news!  The great Fiorina is running for office!


Wait, what?

Yes.  She ran for office before.  She ran for the California Senate in 2010.  She lost ignominiously to Barbara Boxer.  That was the first time she went for elective office too, by the way.  So what did Fiorina do for California subsequent to her loss?  The state she professed love for, that she cared enough about to run for major political office for, that she wanted to help by strengthening the business environment, the economy, lowering taxes and all that what?

She moved.

She left California.  Shortly after losing she took off for parts known, to Virginia.  She stayed in California long enough to oversee a HP that lost about half its share price and saw its debt increased tremendously.  She was thereupon forced out, ran for office and, upon losing – being rejected again – she left as quickly as she could and established residency in Virginia.

Carly the carpet bagger.

And is now running for President.

I wonder what she’ll do when she loses her attempt at this office and isn’t offered a place in the subsequent Republican administration. She won’t leave the United States like she left California when those citizens said no to her questionable policy ideas.  What will she do then?  If she can’t leave, I mean.  Will she seek office again?  What does one do after having lost the chairmanship of a multinational corporation and when rejected for the two highest political offices in the country, Senator and President?

So vote Carly for President!

Vote for Carly the Carpet Bagger!  She needs the job!


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