I’m so tired of religious people

When I started this blog, I hadn’t intended it to be devoted in more than small part to religion.  Sometimes, I thought, I’ll put up some things about religion but it won’t become a regular deal.  I mean, after all, I have a pretty wide range of interests (okay, mostly baseball, basketball, music and books) so why would I focus so much on religion of all things?

It’s now gotten to the point where religion has become such an overbearing part of the world’s news that I feel the need to rant.  Constantly.  The religious right (an oxymoron if ever there was one) is loudly bitching and moaning about abortion (nothing new there) and gay marriage and ‘the evil Supreme Court.’  Senator Ted Cruz (and Texas you should be ashamed of yourselves for sending him to Washington unless the idea was to get him out of Texas) even held hearings about finding ways to have “recalls” of the justices (see a conservative journal’s column on the hearings).

Never mind that the system is set up to prevent the judiciary from being beholden to an electorate whose whims change.  Forget that the lifetime judiciary is a cornerstone of this country’s governing system.  A Harvard Law grad and former clerk to a Supreme Court Justice (Rehnquist) should know these things.  But sometimes what is good for the country gives way to political expediency.

At any rate, religious types are, once again, trying to inject their garbage into our lives. The thinking goes something like this: I disagree with what you say/think/do so therefore it must be banned.

I wonder if any of these religious folks ever considered doing this: not having an abortion.  Or not marrying someone of the same sex.  Or working through the initiative and legislative methods to change laws, rather than trying to unseat sitting judges or blaming them for everything that’s wrong with society.  How’s that for solving the problem?

What?  That won’t work?  Why?  Even China, which mandates no more than one child per family, doesn’t execute those who do have more than one child.  They penalize them in other ways (something we should consider doing with the Duggars).  Are you afraid that you might someday be forced to marry another guy?

When did it become necessary to pass laws favoring your viewpoints and “morals” as against those of others?  If you don’t believe in something, don’t do that thing.  I don’t want to have sex with men so I don’t.  Period, end of story.  There?  Was that hard?

But religious people hold their holy books to be the inerrant word of God.  None of the holy books say boo about abortion, so I’ll set that aside for the time being.  And because “God” (via Paul) said ‘don’t do nasty things with people who share the same genitalia as you’ marrying someone who does share the same genitalia is therefore wrong, the end of civilization as we know it, a sure sign of the End Times – if we don’t forbid same-sex marriage.  Again, based on the holy book which doesn’t say anything about same-sex marriage being allowed (or disallowed for that matter, just that same-sex “relations” are not permitted).  Of course, to be fair (though why I should be fair given that the religious right isn’t fair in presenting the other side I don’t know), the Hebrew Bible and the Quran say the same things.  The Quran is derivative, so that’s not surprising.  Then so too is the New Testament derivative of the Hebrew Bible (if badly wrenched out of context).  But I digress.

My complaint is that if you don’t like what others are doing, so long as their actions don’t hurt you or others, then ignore them and/or don’t imitate them.  Live apart.  I think Jesus and Paul (oh, sorry, Paul “inspired by God”) said the same thing.  I don’t drink but I know that others do.  So, rather than seeking to prevent others from drinking, I don’t drink.  That’s it.  If the idea of a woman having an abortion offends you, then don’t ask your girlfriend, wife or mistress to have an abortion.  If you’re a woman, don’t have an abortion.  Simple as that.

Ignore the fact that abortions have actually decreased in frequency in recent years, they nonetheless must all be banned.

How about this: if abortions truly offend you, then why not set up homes for pregnant women, provide healthcare for the 9 months so the child is healthy and taken care of, and set up an adoption for the child when he or she is born?

That would probably take too much foresight and would interfere with their religious rights and freedoms.

It’s all getting to be too much.  The Christians are bitching about, well, pretty much everything.  The Muslims are in a murderous rage against the West.  And the East.  And each other.  All solely because their religious books, their holy books, their “inerrant” books, say anyone who doesn’t think or act like them is condemned to hell.

Newsflash: abortion is not a sign of the end-times. It’s a fact that abortion isn’t even mentioned in the bible at all.  The world won’t cease to be solely because a woman ends a pregnancy.  Abortions and abortifacients have existed for centuries.  And we’re all still here, happily ticking along.

Newsflash redux: these are not the end days.  We’ve heard about them for CENTURIES now. Allowing all people to marry, irrespective of gender, is not a sign that society is falling apart and crashing down around us.  The idea that the world is coming to an end (called “apocalypticism”) predates Christianity.  Regardless, “the signs” exist and have existed in every generation since that thinking was popularized and spread before the first century CE.  It’s one of the worst of all so-called (i.e., unfulfilled) prophecies.

So stop it.  Just stop it.  You might have a right to your (backward, foolish) religious beliefs but don’t force them on everyone else.  You do not speak for anyone but yourself.  You don’t speak for God, he (allegedly) did that for himself.  If you truly believe what those holy books say, then you know this: that if we don’t live by whatever (backward, foolish) edicts your holy book says then we’re the ones who have to answer for it.  It’s not up to you.  Let it go, leave us be and stop trying to codify your stupidity and slam those stone and bronze age ideas down our throats.


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