Happy New Year!

My sincere wish is that everyone have a better 2015 than 2014 in every way.

May you all have a very happy, healthy, fruitful and prosperous year filled with love, joy, and friendship.

Every year many people make a list of resolutions.  I do as well but lately I’ve been thinking that rather than wait for a new year to try to improve myself, why not try to make the changes when I realize things aren’t going quite as I’d planned?  If I’ve gained a few pounds, I’ll try to exercise a little more and cut back on my intake when I see the numbers on my scale increase.  Since I need a new job, I’ll update the resume and start looking – and not wait for the new year to do so.  I’ll try to look for the positive in every situation rather than any sort of hidden agenda I suspect the other person (or persons) has. And I’ll try to do that at the point of contact, with the questionable comment or the odd look I get.

I’ll close with three suggestions for this year for everyone.  Smile.  Laugh.

And most of all, enjoy yourself.  Life’s too short.


About flatpickingjd

Just your average, liberal vegetarian redneck. Yes, I'm a liberal. Proudly so. I see nothing wrong with that and wear that label with pride. Yes, I'm a vegetarian. I used to be fat, very fat. Then I started taking care of myself, lost a bunch of weight and found it easier to keep that weight off by not eating meat. Or cheese. Or eggs. Or any good stuff. Man, I miss pizza. And, yes, I'm a redneck. I like camping and fishing, listen to bluegrass music and live (from time to time) in the south(west). So, yup, I'm just your average, liberal vegetarian redneck. Serious details about me: I make my living as a lawyer. My practice focus is business law, but I've dabbled in other areas including personal injury, family law, real estate, and water law. I also hold three master's degrees with plans to earn a doctorate. I hope you enjoy your time here, and feel free to comment!
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